You've driven them to your online store. Now what?

Depending on your product line, your customer base, and your market, there are many factors to consider - but the common denominator is convenience. If it's not obviously, ridiculously simple to place an order, you've lost a customer. So we start there, with Buy Now! buttons everywhere. With easy-to-find links to Cart and Checkout, so no one is left wondering how to close the deal. With checkout that requires the absolute least amount of typing and clicking. And ultimately, with a rock-solid, secure interface so your new customer can rest assured their personal information is safe, the sale has been confirmed, and their merchandise is on the way.

Hyperoptix shopping carts are the most user-friendly, dependable carts in the industry. We'll configure an economical cart for your business that offers the utmost in reliability and versatility, based on your needs.


  • First and foremost - is it easy to buy?
  • Can I configure my shopping cart myself - change prices, add new SKUs, categories, and sub-categories - without being charged additional fees?
  • Are product options like Size and Color easy to set up?
  • Does the cart offer a comprehensive Search function, which finds matching products in prioritized order?
  • Is a "breadcrumb"-style display available, so customers always know how to return to where they were previously?
  • Can I include highlighted sales items with an original and marked-down price?
  • Can my cart display a featured product in random rotation?
  • Can I include cross-sell and up-sell listings to enhance sales ("You may also like...", or "Other customers also purchased...")?
  • Will my cart automatically let customers know when an item is out of stock?
  • Are a variety of shipping options offered in real time?
  • Can I offer discounts based on quantity, price, or a discount code?
  • Is sales tax auto-calculated by state?
  • Can I offer customers the option of opening an account, so they won't need to re-enter information in the future?
  • If a credit card is declined, is the error message handled in a respectful way which suggests other purchasing options?
  • Are return customers allowed to save multiple shipping addresses?
  • Are customers allowed to contribute product reviews and ratings?
  • Can customers review their order history?
  • Are chargebacks and credits easy to apply?

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